Contracture Management Program

Contracture Management Program

Alcam Medical O&P is dedicated to provide our customers with all the fundamental resources required to include orthotics in a complete contracture management program. The paramount objectives are proper utilization, education, and billing of these products to comply with a comprehensive restorative care program and Medicare policies.


The following details these services by objective to clearly state our intent:


Contracture Program– Alcam Medical will assist your facility in development of a proven contracture program if you do not already have a documented program in place. This includes the utilization of a team approach involving, Therapy Staff, Restorative, Nursing, Social Workers and the Alcam Medical Representative. The program includes meeting minutes, program guidelines and documentation for outcomes management.


Service– Alcam Medical O&P Representatives visit every facility geographically feasible every one to two weeks to ensure they are familiar with products available, timely ordering, ordering guidelines, billing procedures and utilization. As with any business, problems will arise. We are committed to timely resolution directly by our management team.


Utilization– Alcam Medical wants to ensure the optimal utilization and positive clinical outcomes from the products. We ensure these products are placed on residents with only the exact diagnosis guidelines in accordance with Medicare policies. Products are ordered patient specific and measured through the utilization of well-documented orthometry charts to ensure proper sizing; however, if there is an error, the product may be exchanged at no additional charge within three to five days.


Education– Alcam Medical wants to be an active team member in the restorative care program by providing as much education as the facility staff will allow. Our staff representatives will provide regular product in-services to Therapy and Nursing staff, CNA/Nurse Aide training and manufacture instruction is required. Our consultants can be an excellent resource for recent regulation changes in contracture management, orthotics and what other long-term care organizations are doing to face the current challenges. Alcam Medical staff consists of Certified Prostethist Orthotists or Certified Orthotic Fitters.

Contracture Management Program Process

1)     An Alcam Medical local representative will in-service clinical staff on available contracture management devices and insurance coverage guidelines.

2)    Facilities will be provided with a UM Packet which will include: Medicare B covered product formulary, Product Catalogs, Usage Protocols, Supplier Standards, Ordering guidelines, General Educational Information regarding contractures and splinting as well as Orthotic Utilization/Tracking Form


3)    As routine assessments of facility patients are performed and contracture management needs are identified by facility clinical staff, the Alcam Medical representative will be notified by facility staff.


4)    The Alcam Medical representative will attain appropriate (HIPAA compliant) signatures needed regarding patient privacy prior to attaining any privileged information on the patient as well as attaining Authorizations to allow Alcam Medical to bill insurance on behalf of the patient.

5)    The Alcam Medical representative will consult with facility clinical staff in determining the appropriate device to address the patients’ needs.

6)    The facility will assist the Alcam Medical representative in collecting any necessary insurance coverage information and demographic information needed to complete the order of the device as well as provide a telephone order for the device.

7)    Alcam Medical will then fabricate the device and arrange for its delivery to the patient.

8)    Once the patient has received the device, the Alcam Medical representative will attain a signature on the delivery ticket form to indicate that the device has been put into use.


9)    Alcam Medical O&P will then complete the billing process with the appropriate payor source.