Orthotic Clinic

An orthotic, or brace, is an externally worn device that is designed to either support or assist a weakened or paralyzed trunk, joint or extremity. For short-term use, an off-the-shelf brace may be suitable. In many cases, however, to ensure proper fit and function, a brace must be custom-made to match a patient’s specific needs.

Patients may benefit from a leg orthotic to assist with positioning, transfers, standing or walking.  An Alcam practitioner works with clients to determine the most appropriate type of leg brace to meet their goals. Practitioners use evaluation braces or make temporary braces and shoe inserts for patients to try before prescribing a brace that is made by a certified brace specialist (orthotist). At that time, the practitioner will refer you to the Orthotic Clinic to meet with a physician and orthotists to prescribe the recommended brace.

Once the brace is made, the orthotist works with the patient and practitioner to make sure that it fits comfortably and works well. Practitioners train patients in using braces for proper positioning, transferring, standing and walking to the best of their ability in a safe manner.