How Orthotics Help You Recover From An Injury

Are you recovering from an injury? Orthotics can help with the healing process if you have a weakened or paralyzed trunk, joint, or extremity. Also known as braces, these pieces of equipment can be custom-made to suit your specific needs and make you feel comfortable. Here are a few frequently asked questions (and answers) about orthotics:

What are the benefits of wearing orthotics?

Orthotics can assist in your rehabilitation by reducing pain and increasing mobility. These medical devices are designed to help people who are recovering from an injury or illness, but they don’t eliminate the need for physical and occupational therapy. On the bright side, orthotics can correct alignment issues and weight bearing, which helps you recover more quickly.

Do I need custom-made orthotics?

Although you can find off-the-shelf braces in drugstores, we don’t recommend using them for an extended period. Your body is unique, so why should you trust a generic device to ease your pain? Patients who wear a custom-made orthotic tend to improve their mobility, including the ability to stand and walk.

My feet hurt. Can I just use a shoe insert?

It depends on your case. While a simple shoe insert might help relieve pain, sometimes you really need an orthotic to provide extra cushioning and correct biomechanical foot issues. We recommend that you talk to your doctor to have your feet examined and receive professional advice. Overall, shoe inserts may feel comfortable, but they don’t address the root problem that is causing your pain.

Why should I choose Alcam Medical Orthotics & Prosthetics?

At Alcam Medical Orthotics & Prosthetics, we are fully accredited by the Board of Certification/Accreditation International. Our experienced team strives to deliver exceptional customer service and meet all of Medicare’s new quality standards. Also, we have over 10 years of medical experience serving Southern California. If you want to know more about orthotics and prosthetics, contact us through our website or by calling (866) 847-7187.


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