How Prosthetic Limbs Benefit People With an Amputation

People with circulatory system disorders, severe infections or severe injuries may need an amputation. Poor control of diabetes or diabetes that is not treated could lead to ulcers and infections that spread or cause necrosis, requiring an amputation of the foot or lower leg in order to halt the spread of the infection. If you need to have an amputation, prosthetic limbs make it possible to regain your independence and mobility so that you can enjoy doing your favorite leisure activities and take care of everyday needs.

Regain Mobility

An amputation of your foot or lower leg can severely reduce mobility and independence. While many places are handicap-accessible, there are still quite a few that are not. Even if the entrance of a building is handicap-accessible, navigating through the building can still be a challenge. Retrofitting your home can be costly, and changing its structural supports may not even be possible. With a prosthetic limb, you may be able to avoid becoming wheelchair-bound. Learning how to walk with the prosthetic limb allows you to move with dexterity, navigate through tight aisles and work your way around obstacles with more ease than you could in a wheelchair.

Stay Active and Fit

Prosthetic limbs also make it possible for you to live an active lifestyle. When you have diabetes, it is important to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Using a prosthetic limb makes it possible to stay active, making walking, running, and biking accessible again. Being active helps with building muscle mass, promotes better circulation and gives you a mood boost. With your prosthetic limb, you may be able to return to some of your favorite activities, such as golfing, bowling or taking walks on nature trails.

Modern Prosthetics

Modern prosthetic limbs are more advanced than many people realize. The limb is customized to your size and level of activity. You can even put shoes and socks on the prosthetic foot or leg, which could help you feel more confident about yourself when you go out to do activities.

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