• Provides complete lumbar stabilization.
  • Full shell circumferential design.
  • Easy to use front closure system.



Effective spinal bracing is a critical component of pain relief, functional mobility, and post surgical stabilization. The Aspen LSO Brace provides a high degree of motion restriction with an adjustable, full shell design and a posterior window for access to lumbar incisions.

The Aspen® LSO back brace offers the practitioner multiple orthotic options that provide a high degree of immobilization, unparalleled comfort, and the ability to self-adjust to patients . . . even if they gain or lose weight. It combines the motion restriction of a custom fabricated orthosis with a dramatic improvement in comfort for better patient outcomes.

The Aspen LSO segmentally increases total support and compression around the entire lumbar spine for more support over traditional braces. Flextab cutouts along the top and bottom edges ensure patient comfort during sitting or laying down in bed. Nylon hook and loop fasteners are designed for greater durability with heavy daily usage.

Aspen LSO Back Brace Features:

  • Provides rigid, layered support / compression around the lumbar spine.
  • Lumbosacral Bracing System provides adjustable immobilization.
  • CushionFlex Tabs™ soften the edges of the orthosis.
  • Cutouts prevent the LSO from digging into the ribs and upper thigh.
  • SureSlot™ adjustment system adjusts circumferential sizes; Ensures a good fit regardless of the patient’s physique.
  • Removable, breathable cotton-lined replacement pads.
  • LeverLatch™ closure for strong mechanical advantage, better immobilization, and pain relief..
  • Provides excellent lumbar stabilization.
  • Upper and lower edges can be modified to relieve pressure over contours and bony prominences.

Recommended Manufacturer HCPC: L0631


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