• One size fits all design.
  • Thoracic extension piece restricts movement.
  • Padding relieves pressure and wicks moisture.
  • Comfortable for all day wear.


The Aspen Vista TX Collar provides patients with an easily adjustable, well-fitting collar for use treating a variety of injuries.  The collar features the same telescoping design as the original model along with a thoracic extension piece for additional cervical-thoracic stabilization and support. The Vista TX thoracic extension piece rests lower on the front of the patient’s sternum to provide greater motion restriction compared to the standard model. Simply use the dial adjustment knob on the front to extend or shorten the collar for a perfect fit.  Patients appreciate the product’s comfortable padding and how it wicks moisture away from the skin for enhanced comfort.  The pads can be replaced with ease making this one of the easiest products for patients with chronic cervical injuries to maintain.  It’s commonly used for treating trauma, severe radiculopathy, disc herniations, and severe strains and sprains.  The Vista TX Collar is one of the best Aspen solutions for physicians needing a one size fits all design with the ability to restrict cervical motion.

Aspen Vista TX Collar Features:

  • Telescoping one size fits all design.
  • Adjustment dial in the front ensures easy height adjustment.
  • Comfortable cotton-lined padding relieves pressure and wicks moisture away from your skin.
  • Thoracic extension piece provides increased stabilization and support.
  • Comfortable for all day wear.


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