• Easy to use range of motion pin style hinge.
  • Adjusts from 0-45 degrees in 7.5 degree increments.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Provides range of motion control of the ankle joint.



The Ossur Range of Motion Walker provides complete control of ankle joint range of motion tailored to suit a wide variety of applications.  It features an easy pin style range of motion joint that can adjust from 0-45 degrees of plantar flexion in 7.5 degree increments.  Simply screw the pin into the ROM setting to set it at the desired position.  The plastic shell and aluminum uprights are both lightweight and durable enough for extended wear.  The Ossur Range Of Motion Walker features a standard foam liner for providing support and comfort following surgery or trauma.  The product can be used for achilles tendon repairs, stable fractures of the lower leg, severe ankle sprains, and more.

Ossur ROM Walker Features:

  • Range of motion joint uses a simple pin cam style joint for adjusting range of motion from 0-45 degrees of plantar flexion.
  • Adjusts in 7.5 degrees increments in both dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion, and can be locked in at a specific angle using the pin style screw.
  • Rocker bottom sole feature tread pattern for ambulation safety.
  • Aluminum uprights provide strength and durability for long term use.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in three sizes to fit every size individual.
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