The Ossur Ulnar Nerve Protector provides soft foam bony cushioning for the back of the elbow protect against entrapment of the ulnar nerve.  The foam ulnar nerve protector provides relief of pain and numbness/tingling sensations that can occur while sleeping at night.  The foam padding is styled like an egg crate to absorb pressure and displace it away from the elbow.

The Ossur Ulnar Nerve Protector fastens easily with a standard hook and loop closure tab, and will fit around any size arm.  The product provides a very affordable solution for use at home or work and fits all sizes of arms.

Ossur Ulnar Nerve Protector Features:

  • Latex free egg crate foam cushions and absorbs stress to the elbow.
  • Foam padding contours effectively around any size elbow.
  • Reduces direct pressure to the elbow that can result in entrapment symptoms.
  • Standard hook and loop fastener for easy application.
  • COmfortable for sleeping or use at work.

  • Fits left and right sides.
  • Universal sizing.
  • Sold individually.

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