Limb loss through trauma, disease or congenital absence is often treated by providing a prosthetic device (artificial limb) to substitute for the lost limb.

Alcam offers a monthly Prosthetic Clinic. The clinic team typically works with individuals who have already been using a prosthesis for some time and may be referred for a new device.  Most persons undergoing amputations begin working with a prosthetist affiliated with their hospital soon after surgery and may require new devices over time. During a Prosthetic Clinic, patients are evaluated by a physician, a physical therapist (or occupational therapist for upper extremity devices) and licensed prosthetists to determine what prosthetic changes or replacement devices are needed. While the prosthetist is responsible for making and fitting the device, the clinic team will follow a patient’s progress to ensure satisfaction with the fit and function of the device.

Alcam’s staff will work with you to review insurance and any other funding resources that will cover the costs of any recommended orthotic or prosthetic device.