Compression Garments

Blood in your veins must work against gravity to flow back to the heart. Anything that impedes that flow—such as circulation problems, lack of movement (especially after an injury or surgery), or weakness in the walls of the veins of the legs (referred to as venous insufficiency)—results in blood pooling in the veins of the lower legs or feet, leading to leg swelling, aching, and leg fatigue; it could also predispose you to a venous clot.

If you have a medical condition, talk with your physician about whether you might benefit from compression garments and what type might be best for you. If you’re healthy and want to try using them because of a long flight, a job that requires lots of standing, or another non-medical reason, you can experiment to see what’s most comfortable and works best for you, starting with a low compression level.

Alcam carries only the most current, ethically-sound, and medically-safe compression garments. We provide custom and ready to wear compression garments from all brands, including Essity, Medi, Juzo, Sigvaris, and Solaris, to name a few.

Alcam is committed to the highest level of customer service, and we are not satisfied until you are. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your garments or experience, please let us know and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible.

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