Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Alcam’s upper extremity Prosthetist specializes in every level of amputation from a partial finger to a shoulder disarticulation. We are a leader in the industry of upper extremity prosthetics. We recommend speaking to one of our Prosthetists when you find out amputation is a possibility or immediately after an amputation surgery. Our upper extremity team will provide you and your family with the resources needed to adapt to your new life.

During the initial evaluation, your Prosthetist will explain the process from casting your limb to the delivery of your prosthesis. You and your Prosthetist will collaborate and choose the best prosthetic design for your lifestyle. Research shows people who receive an upper extremity prosthesis shortly after amputation return to work faster and have better success than those who wait to receive prosthetic care.

Alcam specializes in many types of upper extremity prosthesis including the following:

• Passive Cosmetic Prosthesis
• Body Powered Prosthesis
• Myoelectric Prosthesis
• Hybrid Prosthesis

Some upper extremity patients adapt to life better without a prosthesis. If that is you, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our Prosthetists to properly explore all of your options. Over the last few years there has been significant advancement in upper extremity prosthesis, and you want to make sure you explore all options available to you.

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