Upper Extremity Orthotics

Orthosis, braces, and supports help with an extensive number of upper extremity medical issues. From positional supports to maintain proper alignment to fracture orthoses to aid in stabilization. Orthotics provide a noninvasive way to correct your medical condition and do so successfully.

Alcam provides a number of upper extremity orthotics to help you get better and back to your pre-injury state.

The upper extremity orthotics offered by Alcam include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Shoulder Abduction Orthosis
• Wrist Orthosis
• Elbow Orthosis
• Humerus Fracture Orthosis

The Alcam team is here to help with all of your upper extremity orthotics needs. Schedule an appointment to see how one of our upper extremity orthosis can benefit you.

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