Why Alcam?

1. Patient Satisfaction
Alcam Medical O&P has provided care for over 100,000 patients, with this level of experience you can rest assured that you and your patients will receive superior care. Patient satisfaction is our highest priority at Alcam Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics. Each patient is provided with a survey after their clinician visit, and this feedback helps shape our company.

2. Outcome Measures
Measurable results assist the medical community in making the best decisions for their patients. Alcam Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics observes and tracks patient outcomes for many of our items; these outcomes are analyzed, allowing us to raise the quality of care that we provide consistently. Improving our quality of care means more effective improvements in the lives of those living with physical differences.

3. Peer Visitor
Every life change comes with questions; receiving a prosthesis is no different. There is no need to feel in the dark about your new lifestyle with Alcam by your side. The Peer Visitor is someone already living with an amputated limb; they will act as your resource and support for any questions you may have.

4. Home Visits
We understand the challenges of getting to an office for appointments. Mobility issues are no match for us! Alcam’s Clinicians will come to you.

5. In-House Fabrication
Who wants to wait? We know you don’t, so most of our custom Orthotic and Prosthetic devices are fabricated at our on-site fabrication facilities. Several custom fabricated devices can be completed 24 hours or less. That means you feel your best, faster, with zero interruptions to your everyday routine.

6. Amputation Care Program
Measurable differences show that your mobility and adaption to the prosthesis will increase when enrolled in Alcam’s Amputation Care Program. An Alcam Clinician will visit the patient pre or post-amputation surgery to provide support and education for this life-changing event. You can rest assured that you will have our guidance through every phase of the process before and after amputation surgery.

7. Patient-Focused
Our mission is to provide you with devices that will transform and improve the quality of your life. By tracking and monitoring patients’ progress over time, we can continuously improve our devices and approach to every condition. Live your most independent life with Alcam.

8. No-cost Evaluations
Free evaluations and recommendations are provided to each patient. Together, we will find you the right device for your needs without a worrisome evaluation charge.

9. Mastectomy & Compression Garments
Alcam is one of California’s most extensive Mastectomy and custom compression garment providers. If you are looking for experts, you’ve found them!

10. 24 Hour Emergency Service
You shouldn’t have to wait in an emergency. Alcam offers 24-hour on-call services for post-operative and surgical orders; deliveries can be made seven days a week. Facilities and hospitals that use our services can expect a response to a call and/or order in minutes rather than days.