Refer a Patient

Our goal is to provide seamless and timely orthotic and prosthetic care from your referral to final delivery. Throughout the process, we make it easy for you and your patients so they can get the care they need. We keep you informed and report patient outcomes back to you.

Two Simple Steps to Refer Your Patients to Alcam

1. Physician office fax (877-310-1729) or email ( a prescription, complete with diagnosis codes and supporting notes.

    a. If you must submit for authorizations on a separate portal, you can search Alcam by our NPI number 1164586103.

2. Alcam’s customer service team will contact the patient to schedule their appointment within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the authorization. Before the visit, we verify insurance benefits and discuss it with the patient when they arrive at their appointment.

ICD-10 Code Guidelines

Please provide a valid ICD-10 code on all prescriptions and medical record notes for compliance with payer requirements.

1. ICD-10 codes AND descriptor narratives.

2. The direct connection between diagnosis, underlying cause, and resultant condition. For example:

  • Trauma: Partial or complete traumatic amputation from a car accident
  • Disease: Amputation secondary to gangrene from a diabetic wound
  • Congenital: Congenital condition from a missing limb at birth

3. Cause, condition, Rx and notes that all consistently support the codes you select.