Eric Branchfield

Eric Branchfield, aaaa Los Angeles area tattoo artist and family man, started his journey with Alcam Medical O&P simply trying to straighten his leg. Less than 3 months later he was granting his daughter’s birthday wish by walking on the sandy beach with her.

Having used a wheelchair his entire life, there wasn’t much thought about walking or another way of life. “I had accepted not walking. I hadn’t been walking my entire life for 30 plus years, but my kids would ask me about it. Now I am walking with crutches and they hold my hand while I am using crutches.”

After receiving the KAFOs and beginning to walk, a new way of life started to emerge. “It’s a bunch of little things that probably get overlooked- cooking (while) standing up, I got to slow dance with my wife for the first time, playing with my kids, looking people in the eye.”

Mr. Branchfield will be returning to Alcam in the future because as he says, “They care and it’s genuine.”

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