James Aaron

What started as a small sore on this business owner’s right foot quickly developed into a life-threatening infection of osteomyelitis. After several surgeries, the decision was made to perform a below the knee amputation to save his life. While the amputation saved Mr. Aaron’s life, it ended his career driving a semi-truck hauling cars. Like most patients with limb differences, he struggled with the loss and his new role in life. “The worst part of it was shopping, in a parking lot and you have to listen to your wife load the truck, wrestle with the wheelchair, and I have to sit there. That was the worst feeling I ever had.”

James was referred to Alcam in May of 2019, for a below the knee prosthesis. Benefiting from our home visit program, it allowed him to have a Prosthetist evaluate, cast, and deliver a custom-made prosthesis without him ever having to leave his house. “The home visit option is the best,” Mr. Aaron relayed.

After receiving the prosthesis, there has been no looking back. “Getting the leg back was important to who you feel you are. Your self-respect and self-worth are a lot better. Now I don’t feel like anyone is making consolations for me. I am just one of the crowd.” James is not only out of his wheelchair but has purchased a beach cruiser and put many miles on his leg at a local amusement park. Next on his list is getting back to hiking.

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