• Improves patient compliance.
  • Prevents skin breakdown.
  • Collar fits upright, as well as, supine patients.


The Aspen® Cervical Collar is designed to optimize support and comfort, two key components for better patient outcomes. The structure of the collar is engineered to provide substantial motion restriction without producing painful pressure points that can lead to skin breakdown or poor patient compliance. The shell distributes and transfers head weight to the shoulders and upper thorax. For the ultimate in comfort, all contact surfaces of the collar are cushioned with cotton-lined, breathable foam padding that wick moisture. The Aspen cervical collar has velcro straps that make it easily adjustable for a great patient fit.

Aspen Collar Features:

  • Provides effective motion restriction for many cervical injury types.
  • Cotton-lined interior breathes for greater comfort.
  • Designed for comfort and to improve patient compliance.
  • Collar structure spreads contact over a large surface area to minimize skin breakdown – eliminates “hot spots”.
  • Flare tabs on the neck and around the chin provide secure stabilization and ensure a truly custom fit.
  • Occipital Support Strap™ in back customizes the collar by creating an adjustable, three dimensional “shelf” that cradles the back of the head.
  • Removable/washable cotton lined foam padding for easy care.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Large vent holes in the front and back help circulate air around the neck and release trapped heat.


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