The Aspen Contour™ LSO is the latest technology for restricting motion in the lumbar spine. The Contour LSO lumbosacral brace combines a contour clamshell-style back panel with the patented QuikDraw™ Rigid Anterior Panel (RAP) corset as the platform for providing compression and a comfortable fit. A removable anterior panel in the front across the abdomen completes the modular brace design for a high level of support during activity.

Aspen Contour™ LSO Features:

    • Includes back panel, adjustable side panels, a removable abdominal panel, and a Quikdraw corset for complete support.
    • Modular orthotic “step-down” design – multiple braces in one.
    • Offers maximum to mild support.
    • Simple – Easy for patients to apply and fit.
    • Effective – Provides a rigid layer of support for the patient. depending on the lumbar motion restriction needed.

Comfortable – Effective and comfortable with all day use.

  • Available with a 12″ or a 15″ back panel height design.
  • Economical – Contour LSO multiple orthotic bracing system can be stepped down to the proven QuikDrawTM RAP.
  • Available in five sizes – please see our sizing chart tab above for complete sizing guidelines and measurement instructions.



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