• Clinically tested to provide superior immobilization.



The Miami J Cervical Collar is recognized through multiple studies as the superior immobilizer for patients afflicted with all types of cervical injuries over other commercial cervical collars. Miami J cervical collars feature unique qualities that enhance both compliance and help speed patient recovery. The Miami J Collar’s design provides effective immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown, and superior patient comfort.

Miami J Collar Features:

  • Phenotype-driven sizing system makes size selection simple.
  • Sorbatex™ padding provides antibacterial defense and ensures comfort for maximum compliance.
  • Every collar is bioengineered with its own matching front and back panel to accommodate each patient’s anatomy.
  • All Miami J collars, accessories, and pads are latex-free and MRI / CT scan compatible.
  • Numerous clinical studies and independent research confirms the Miami J feature set provides superior immobilization, comfort and patient recovery.
  • Removable sternal pad at the bottom provides additional support for the neck without sacrificing comfort.
  • Multiple ventilation holes enhance airflow and aid in preventing skin breakdown.
  • The Miami J class of products includes the Miami JTO® Thoracic Extension for complex cervical and high-level thoracic injuries and the Occian™ Back, which is designed to replace the Miami J back piece with a pressure-relieving solution for those patients who are at a very high risk for occipital breakdown.
  • Clinically tested to provide superior immobilization.
  • Specifically designed in multiple sizes to provide a more exact fit based on your body type.
  • Provides effective cervical spine immobilization for all different types of injuries.
  • Features a bio-engineered front with a specific back designed to work together for providing a great fit.
  • Removable Sorbatex pads are designed to protect skin integrity during extended wear.
  • Angulation buttons on the sides allow for easy adjusting.
  • Removable sternal pad, and an optional assist strap allow for the greatest amount of flexibility and comfort without sacrificing on immobilization.
  • Sorbatex pads are washable and should be changed when the patient bathes, or approximately every 24 to 48 hours.
  • Can be ordered as a single collar, or as a package with an extra pad set.

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