David Krueger

After a severe motorcycle accident in his early 20s, David Krueger was left with a seriously damaged leg. It took nearly five years of severely limited mobility for him to decide that an amputation was the best choice to solve his mobility issues. His active lifestyle resumed until years later he was again slowed down- this time by an ill-fitting prosthesis.

When David Krueger came to Alcam Medical O&P, he had accepted daily pain as a part of wearing his prosthesis. As a maintenance worker for apartments, his ill-fitting prosthesis was not only causing him pain but was affecting his job. Alcam’s Prosthetist did an evaluation and immediately saw where improvements could be made.
“I dealt with another company, I went in there barely walking and they couldn’t do anything for me, they said,” Mr. Krueger details, “It’s unbelievable.”

Ten days later David had a new prosthesis and was enjoying life without pain and constant medication. He has resumed his active lifestyle in sunny Southern California. “I golf, I mountain bike. My whole outlook is better, it has completely changed my life.”

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